January 22-31, 2015
The Irondale Center
Ft. Greene, Brooklyn

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Amber Henrie / Kimberly Giannelli


Nice Things People Say About FLICfest

The New Yorker (Week 1, Week 2) - "The acronym FLIC stands for Feature-Length Independent Choreography—no excerpts, no multi-artist showcases. Now in its third year, the Brooklyn festival spreads twelve works across two weekends, in double-bill evenings chased by saucy late-night cabarets."

The New York Times - "Founded three years ago by Jeramy Zimmerman, FLICfest gives choreographers a chance to attempt full-length pieces rather than the shorter ones that festivals usually require. Fourteen choreographers (some of them in tandem) will participate over two weekends, starting with Jillian Sweeney and Summation Dance Company on Thursday. Cabaret performances follow at 10:30 each night; what’s not to like?"

Dance Enthusiast - "Now in its third year of existence, FLICfest, at the Irondale Center in Fort Greene, Brooklyn offers audiences a chance to experience the full flavors and unabridged explorations of today’s front line dancemakers in a festival atmosphere. This year the line-up of talent is not to be missed."

FLICfest 2012 Press

The New Yorker (Week 1) - "Now in its second year, the Brooklyn festival presents twelve choreographers or companies in ten days, two selections per evening, chased by a late-night cabaret."

The New York Times (Week 1, Week 2) - "There are lots of dance samplers around, but this mini-festival, which started last year, focuses on the far more difficult task of creating a full-length piece, which most emerging choreographers rarely get the opportunity to try."

The Local (New York Times blog) - "The future of choreography may be to get rid of the choreographer. That’s a reasonable conclusion to draw from the lineup for the second-annual Feature Length Independent Choreography Festival starting on Thursday night at the Irondale Center, where long-form dance pieces are being created collaboratively."

WNYC - "A platform for the presentation of feature-length work, FLICfest presents choreographers with diverse approaches to artmaking and theatrical aesthetics. The festival also focuses on community building, providing a forum for choreographers to share ideas, cross-promote, and develop new audiences."

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle - "Lowering individual production costs frees choreographers to focus on artistic exploration...Joining forces around promotion, everyone, including the festival, gains a broader audience. And, with a nightly fee (covering two shows and the cabaret) barely higher than the least expensive concert, as well as festival passes and cabaret-only admission, audiences get options and bargains."

FLICfest 2011 Press

The New Yorker (Week 1, Week 2) - "A new festival arrives to brighten one of the darkest parts of the dance calendar."

The New York Times (Week 1, Week 2) - "The festival has an excellent lineup over its two weekends, starting with Jonah Bokaer and Adam Scher on Thursday and featuring another 10 choreographers over the rest of the program." "Highly Recommended." 

The New York Times (Review of “Spellin’ Flashhhh Lightsssss” by Layard Thompson) - "What must it be like to rocket between politically conscious queer cabaret and a commune in the rural South? You see these shifts in Mr. Thompson’s physicality, which marries arch deconstructions with a particular ferociousness; you can pet him, but he isn’t housebroken."

The Wall Street Journal - "A longer work allows for a greater development of an idea and the attention of the audience," Ms. Zimmerman says. "If you give the audience a change, it's amazing how long they will really stay with you." (December 17, 2010)

New York Press - "Noticing that dance festival programming or choreography showcases tend to present a selection of brief pieces, Jeramy Zimmerman, who conceived and directs FLICfest, sensed a need that she wanted to fill." (January 18, 2011)

Culturebot - "Part of what distinguishes FLICfest, aside from the focus on evening-length work, is the community building aspect of the festival. Jeramy s working on this angle with the Kickstarter campaign, which tapped social networks to bring in new supporters, the post-show cabaret, aimed at persuading audiences to stick around, and of course, the mainstage shows, curated as complementary programs to encourage audience cross-pollination." (January 18, 2011)

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle - "As a struggling choreographer, Jeramy Zimmerman, director of CatScratch Theatre, knows the power in numbers — how a group draws more attention than a lone person can." (January 20, 2011)

Caught in the Act - Caught in the Act: Art in Brooklyn profiles a cross-section of key Brooklyn professionals in fine art, dance, music, theatre—and new forms of expression combining all of the above. 

Classical TV - "Changing gears for FlicFest has been very refreshing. I think the material is very un-freighted; we were able to change aesthetic signature, just shake it up. And there is a broad palette of material but there’s something a little bit more fluid about it."

New York 1 - "In Fort Greene, Brooklyn, check out the first-ever FLICfest." (video)