January 22-31, 2015
The Irondale Center
Ft. Greene, Brooklyn

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FLICfest 2013 Submission Guidelines

Hello! We’re happy that you want to be part of FLICfest 2013.

FLICfest strives to present a well-rounded program of feature-length modern dance. Our definition of dance is broad, so if you consider your work dance, we welcome your submission. Twelve (12) choreographers will be chosen by a selection committee to present a 50-minute work one time during FLICfest (January 24-February 2, 2013). Submitted work may be completed work that has already been performed or brand-new work.

The submission deadline is August 6, 2012. Please submit all materials by email to jeramy@flicfest.org.

Here are our guidelines. Please answer the following questions:

  1. WORK SAMPLE Please submit online by sending us a link to your work on Vimeo (or an equivalent service) or uploading your work to a Dropbox folder and sharing it with us. If you are submitting a completed work, please use a recording of a performance of that work. If the work is new, please send us work that represents the work you propose. Submit a 15-minute section and let us know if it is a complete work or an excerpt of a larger work. Do not submit an edited or “highlights” recording.
  2. DESCRIPTION OF PROPOSED WORK: Please submit a one-page description of the work you propose to perform in FLICfest.  Include the title of the work. Where are you in the process of the work? Will the work premiere at FLICfest? If not, where and when did it premiere? Were there subsequent performances of the work?
  3. BIO: Please submit a one-page narrative bio of your choreographic work and philosophy. Please include links to any relevant press.
  4. YOUR PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE: What performances do you have scheduled July 2012 – March 2013?
  5. PERFORMANCE CONFLICTS: The dates for FLICfest 2013 are January 24-26 and January 31-February 2. Tech rehearsals will be Monday-Wednesday evenings and performances will be Thursday-Sunday evenings. Each piece will have one tech slot and one performance slot. Additional rehearsal will be available in the space during the day. Please list any conflicts that you have during the two weeks of FLICfest.
  6. AUDIENCE: How have you promoted your work in the past? How large is your email list? How often do you email your list? Are you comfortable emailing your list? What social media do you use to promote your work? Do you feel that you’ve been successful in promoting your work? Have you been successful in raising money for your work?

MONEY AND FUNDRAISING: FLICfest is committed to paying choreographers to present work. In 2013, we have set compensation at $750 and will raise compensation to $1000 if our fundraising goals are met. We will only meet our fundraising goals with your help. To that end, we are asking each choreographer/company to commit to being responsible for raising $250 during FLICfest’s direct appeal and Kickstarter campaign.

AWARENESS: FLICfest is committed to building new audiences for feature-length dance. This year, we are asking each choreographer to commit to bringing 10 people to the FLICfest launch party, date TBA (fall of 2012). Selected choreographers will also be expected to send emails and/or reach out on social media for the launch party, fundraising efforts and performances.

PRESS AGREEMENT: By submitting work to FLICfest 2013, you agree that your work is open to review by dance press and that you will make yourself reasonable available to press requests leading up to FLICfest.