January 22-31, 2015
The Irondale Center
Ft. Greene, Brooklyn

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About FLICfest

FLICfest (Feature Length Independent Choreography) is the first Brooklyn festival dedicated solely to the art of the feature-length dance. Each night of FLICfest will feature complete works by two choreographers, as well as informal cabaret performances encompassing a wide range of styles.

We believe that evening-length dance is an important form for the exploration of adventurous art and cutting-edge ideas. FLICfest gives artists a platform to explore the depth of their visions and for audiences to embrace adventurous work.

As more choreographers create work that integrates movement, visual and musical elements into a new form of dance theatre, the support system for such work is deteriorating. Now more than ever, self-producing artists cannot take on the costs of presenting wholly completed work of 50-60 minutes and instead focus on creating short works that fit into showcases. By providing a venue and support to choreographers who are willing to take the risk and follow the vision necessary to create feature-length work, FLICfest is positioned to take a leading role in the revitalization and sustainability of the modern dance community.

A list of choreographers participating in FLICfest 2014 and some of their thoughts about their work and FLICfest can be found on our Choreographers page.