January 22-31, 2015
The Irondale Center
Ft. Greene, Brooklyn

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FLICfest 2015 Program

For those interested in viewing the full program for FLICfest 2015, you can download it here.


FLICfest Performance Schedule

Tickets are now available for FLICfest 2015! Here is the performance schedule:

Thursday, January 22

7:30 Andre Zachary

9:00 Jin Ju Song-Begin

Friday, January 23

7:30 Nicole Wolcott

9:00 Mana Hashimoto

Saturday, January 24

7:30 John Zullo

9:00 CatScratch Theatre

Thursday, January 29

7:30 John Zullo

9:00 Mana Hashimoto

Friday, January 30

7:30 Jin Ju Song-Begin

9:00 CatScratch Theatre

Saturday, January 31

7:30 Andre Zachary

9:00 Nicole Wolcott


FLICfest 2015 is coming!

Hello! We've been busy all fall to bring you FLICfest 2015. This year, we've made some big changes that will make FLICfest even better than before. For starters, we've changed the number of companies in FLICfest. 2015 sees us focusing on six choreographers (past years have included 12). By decreasing the number of choreographers, we're able to increase the involvement of the artists. In the fall, we were able to give each choreographer some time in the Irondale space to do preliminary tech work and to share the work with the whole group of choreographers. It was a smashing success and we can't wait to show you the results!

FLICfest 2015 choreographers:

CatScratch Theatre

Mana Hashimoto

Jin Ju Song-Begin

Nicole Wolcott

Andre Zachary

John Zullo


Wanna be part of FLICfest 2015? Here's how!

FLICfest Submission Guidelines

Hello! We’re happy that you want to be part of FLICfest 2015.

We have made some exciting changes to the scope of FLICfest, so please read the following carefully, even if you’ve applied in the past.

In 2015, FLICfest will present feature-length (50-minute) works dance-theatre by six choreographers. Each work will be presented two times during FLICfest 2015 (January 22-31, 2015). Submitted work should be new work or an existing piece that you are expecting to rework significantly. The definition of dance-theatre is broad, so as part of the application, we will ask you to give us your definition and tell us how your work fits into it.

In addition to the performance dates in January, 2015, FLICfest will include a residency series, in which participating choreographers will have dedicated time to rehearse in the Irondale space with technical support, in order to tailor their work to the FLICfest venue, as well as to look at the work of fellow FLICfest choreographers and receive feedback as desired. The FLICfest residency series will take place on Monday nights, September-November, 2014 (detailed dates below). Chosen choreographers will be asked to commit to the entire series.

FLICfest 2015 participating choreographers will receive performance space, tech support, PR support, and a stipend of $1500, paid after the completion of the festival

The submission deadline is August 1, 2014. Please submit all materials by email (attached as a PDF or Word document) to jeramy@flicfest.org.

Please answer the following questions:

  1. WORK SAMPLE Please submit online by sending us a link to your work on Vimeo (or an equivalent service). If you are submitting a completed work, please use a recording of a performance of that work. If the work is new, please send us work representative of the work you propose. Submit a 15-minute section and let us know if it is a complete work or an excerpt of a larger work. Do not submit an edited or “highlights” recording.
  2. DESCRIPTION OF PROPOSED WORK: Please submit a one-page description of the work you propose to perform in FLICfest.  Include the title of the work. Where are you in the process of the work? Will the work premiere at FLICfest? If not, where and when did it premiere? Were there subsequent performances of the work? What are the technical needs of the work?
  3. How will your work utilize the Irondale space? How would you like the audience to experience the work? What would be your ideal seating plan for the space during your piece? If you have not visited Irondale, contact Jeramy (jeramy@flicfest.org) for visiting instructions.
  4. Why are you creating or restaging this piece now? What makes the work relevant to what is happening in the dance community/city/nation/world?
  5. What is your definition of dance theatre? How do you see your work fitting into the genre?
  6. BIO: Please submit a one-page narrative bio of your choreographic work and philosophy. Please include links to any relevant press.
  7. YOUR PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE: What performances do you have scheduled July 2014 – March 2015?
  8. PERFORMANCE CONFLICTS: The dates for FLICfest 2015 are January 22-24 and January 29-31. Tech rehearsals will be Monday-Wednesday evenings of the first week and performances will be Thursday-Sunday evenings of both weeks. Each piece will have one tech slot and two performance slots (one each week). Additional rehearsal will be available when the space is not otherwise in use. Please list any conflicts that you have during the two weeks of FLICfest.
  9. AUDIENCE: How have you promoted your work in the past? How large is your email list? How often do you email your list? Are you comfortable emailing your list? What social media do you use to promote your work? Do you feel that you’ve been successful in promoting your work? Have you been successful in raising money for your work?

Please note these guidelines. By submitting your FLICfest 2015 proposal, you are agreeing to the following:

MONEY AND FUNDRAISING: FLICfest is committed to paying choreographers to present work. In 2015, we have set compensation at $1500 and will raise additional compensation through a Kickstarter campaign. Our goal is to raise enough to pay each choreographer an additional $250. When that goal is met, each choreographer will be paid an amount equal to 1/6 of the amount raised on Kickstarter, less Kickstarter and Amazon payment fees. We will only meet our fundraising goals with your help. To that end, we are asking each choreographer/company to commit to being responsible for raising $250 during FLICfest’s Kickstarter campaign.

AWARENESS: FLICfest is committed to building new audiences for feature-length dance. This year, we are asking each choreographer to commit to bringing 10 people to the FLICfest launch party, (date TBD late September or early October, 2014). Selected choreographers will also be expected to send emails and/or reach out on social media for the launch party, fundraising efforts and performances.

PRESS AGREEMENT: By submitting work to FLICfest 2014, you agree that your work is open to review by dance press and that you will make yourself reasonably available to press requests leading up to FLICfest.

FALL RESIDENCY DATES: Attendance at these sessions is very important to the mission of FLICfest. Please confirm that you are available all of the following Monday evenings (6-9 pm). If you are unavailable for more than two of these dates, your FLICfest application will not be considered. Please note any of the following that you are unavailable. 

SEPTEMBER: 8, 15, 29

OCTOBER: 6, 20, 27

NOVEMBER: 3, 10, 17


Additional Program Notes for 2/1

Audio credits for CJ Holm's Rare Birds

The audio for Rare Birds was created and uploaded by users of freesounds.org, and edited by CJ Holm.

The audio for Rare Birds was created and uploaded by users of freesounds.org, and edited by CJ Holm.
“Rocket roar looping” by plymouthjclifford
“Subway” by manicola
“Metal chimes by department64
“Jingling braids” by department64
“Breeze” by kewldog
“Breeze wind 6″ by mario12
“Stonecave with water” by xdimebagx
“NYC subway pass” by rhumphries
“Rockslide” by justkiddink
“Propeller aircraft flyover” by ljudboy



Additional program notes for Vanessa Walter’s Ripening/Yield


Lighting by Steven Royal 

Peter Salett loves making all kinds of music, whether it be scoring art films (Down in the Valley, with Edward Norton), writing silly songs for studio comedies (the Dracula puppet musical in Forgetting Sarah Marshall), releasing 7 of his own records, or creating eerie atmospheric pieces for Ripening.

Le Chev (Michael Laine Cheever) is the legendary music producer from Chicago, living in New York City, with a "transporting vast" (pitchfork) sound.  In the past year Le Chev collaborations include - Matthew Barney, Jonathan Bepler, Frankie Rose, Lemonade, SSION, Fischerspooner, Inez & Vinoodh, Dark Igloo, Holger (Brazil), MKRNI (Chile), Johnny Stimson, and more...  Le Chev's group's AVAN LAVA and Narcisse, both have plans to release albums this year. 

Emiliano Melis is a music designer based in NYC. His works are a mixture of dreams, hallucinations and aesthetic, expressed with sound installations and poetry. Performance becomes a particular moment, each time played in different ways, a music journey to the deepest part of the soul, running through darkness, passion, sensuality, fear, desire and redemption.

To keep current on all the varied projects David Quinn is up to, from the red carpet to the burlesque stage and everywhere in between, "like" his page on FacebookDavidQuinnNewYork

Karen Young (costume designer) Design for dance and video includes: Third Rail Project's Then She Fell, David Michalek’s Slow Dancing (Lincoln Center), Eve Sussman’s 89 Seconds at Alcazar, Matthew Barney’s Cremaster 5, Martha Graham Dance Company, American Ballet Theater, Pam Tanowitz, Brian Brooks, Kyle Abraham, and Wendy Whelan’s upcoming Restless Creature. www.karenyoungcostume.com.


Want to know a bit about what you might see at FLICfest?

The Emancipation Proclamation of GoGo Gadget! | World Premiere
Alberto Denis/[QuA2D]
Alberto Denis presents his boylesk alter ego in his solo work The Emancipation Proclamation of GoGo Gadget! This dance theater exploration of body image, particularly in regard to sexuality, includes burlesque, dance, live video polling, inflatable balloons and even cream pies.

A. Cuddy Project | World Premiere
Taiwanese-born Yung-Li Chen has created a duet centered upon psychologist Amy Cuddy’s theories of power posing—adopting confident postures such as a lifted chest, high head, arms propped on hips in order to increase social success. With A. Cuddy Project, Chen is interested in translating the “fake it till you make it” approach to dance.

Even As I Tell You This | World Premiere
Lindy Fines/GREYZONE
Lindy Fines’ group piece Even As I Tell You This is a visceral and otherworldly juxtaposition of mechanical and fluid movement states. Fines’ movement language tempers intense physicality with abstraction and highly complex movement patterns.

Perfect Tension | World Premiere
Chris Ferris/Chris Ferris & Dancers
Chris Ferris & Dancers explore the heady world of stress, anxiety and survival tactics in their group piece Perfect Tension, with an original composition by Loren Kiyoshi Dempster.

Native | World Premiere
Aaron McGloin/Aaron McGloin Dance
Aaron McGloin’s Native for five dancers is an eclectic investigation into what constitutes home and identity, featuring jazz, hip-hop, acrobatics and ballet. The diverse cultures and rituals he has experienced in New York City inspired McGloin in this work.

A Piece of Hamlet’s Machine | World Premiere
Keith Thompson/danceTactics performance group
Keith Thompson fuses dance and physical theater in his narrative-driven A Piece of Hamlet’s Machine. Rooted in German playwright Heiner Müller’s postmodernist drama Hamletmachine, Thompson’s piece rounds out his choreographic cycle of text-driven movement.

Spin Art | World Premiere
Emily Berry/B3W
Emily Berry’s Spin Art features four dancers who flip upside down, spiral and fling their bodies through space, reminiscent of spin art craft projects. Set to Daniel Bernard Roumain’s original score, this piece layers both subtle and abrupt dynamic shifts with gesture and intense physicality.

I Wish I Could Drink Like a Lady | World Premiere
Hattie Mae Williams/The Tattooed Ballerinas
Hattie Mae Williams’ interdisciplinary dance piece I Wish I Could Drink Like a Lady takes a closer look into the life and poetry of Dorothy Parker, exploring human strengths and weaknesses.

Shred | World Premiere
Kora Radella/Boomerang
Kora Radella’s duet Shred is a fearlessly physical confrontation of the barriers that exist both within and between people. By implementing uncompromising athleticism and even primitiveness, Radella presents two people who must deal with each other in strictly physically demanding terms.

Ancient Springs | World Premiere
Tina Croll/Tina Croll + Company
Tina Croll is expanding her 2007 piece Ancient Springs, inspired by poet Kathleen Raine’s Defending Ancient Springs and Federico Fellini’s film La Strada.  Comprised of vignettes— “short stories”— a little gavotte, a twisted convulsive solo, a stately waltz on some town square.  A chorus of dancers swirls through - sometimes commenting on the action, sometimes causing havoc.

Rare Birds | World Premiere
CJ Holm/Jansen and Holm
CJ Holm’s duet Rare Birds is a danced nature documentary about people’s desires, guilt, grief and resilience, blending tender and brutal choreographic language with an abstract meditation on the realities that create pressing social and environmental issues.

Ripening/Yield | World Premiere
Vanessa Walters
Vanessa Walters’ Ripening/Yield is an ominous exploration of childhood memory and playtime. The quintet of dancers conveys time both within and outside of rhythm—alternately counting deliberately and avoiding all forms.


FLICfest 2014 Choreographers and Performance Schedule

Thursday, January 23

7:30 Alberto Denis
9:00 Yung-Li Chen

Friday, January 24

7:30 Lindy Fines
9:00 Chris Ferris

Saturday, January 25

7:30 Aaron McGloin
9:00 Keith Thompson

Thursday, January 30

7:30 Emily Berry
9:00 Hattie Mae Williams

Friday, January 31

7:30 Kora Radella
9:00 Tina Croll

Saturday, February 1

7:30 CJ Holm
9:00 Vanessa Walters

Tickets are $25 per evening ($20 artist/senior/student), to purchase visit http://irondale.org/FLICfest.html